March of the robots … into the boardroom

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Jobs and profits at risk as 58% of UK bosses do not understand technology

March of the robots...

I have published a white paper, March of the Robots … into the Boardroom, this highlights what I think are the key areas for boardrooms and executive teams to focus on.  Top of the list is to create an advisory board with “people who are challenging, dynamic, cutting edge in technology, innovative and creative – and who would probably never fit into any traditional board.” They should look at particular areas of the business, work with managers and directors and run one of the company’s strategy days.

To download the white paper please click here  March of the robots … into the boardroom


  1. Hi Pat,

    Given this paper was written by you, I will read it! I will drop you a note with any comments I have.

    I hope you are well.
    Best wishes
    Rob McLeod

  2. Hi Pat

    A very relevant, well researched, thought provoking and nicely structured white paper.

    Drawing on what you present, it seems inevitable that the world is heading for a paradigm shift in the way enterprise creates and delivers value and that this will impact on all areas of business operations. It’s frightening to think that there is a cultural element at board level that may (and probably already has) put the UK well behind other countries here.

    It seems that the real drive for IA in enterprise is coming from consumer experience creating increasing frustration at the lack of its adoption in business. This would appear to be as unstoppable as the internet was.

    Thanks for capturing this in such an easily digestible way.

    Harry Hayden, CEO CatN

  3. Modern boards are fundamentally unable to cope with the speed and nature of change – and I have worked in many companies where none of the main board had any idea about technology. The good news is; this companies will die, damage will be done, but new companies will rise with people who do have a clue. AND for every job destroyed at least one new one will be created. The UK has 200k vacancies for data analysts! But our education system continues to educate people for the past, whilst managers continue to use knee jerk reactions based upon irrelevant/outdated experiences.

    This is all evolution at work. AND it is ‘the survival of the most adaptable’

    BTW = I have published lists of jobs destroyed already, those yet to be destroyed, enhanced and created

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