Pat is an experienced mentor and works with chief executives and leadership teams in two ways:


1. Technology impact

Artificial intelligence once seemed far off. Now it is transforming the world of everyday work and lives at a phenomenal pace. There are enormous opportunities to save costs and deliver better customer service, but this will come at a price. Within five years, two thirds of many low skilled jobs will have disappeared.

Pat mentors leaders to help them understand and plan for the impact of technology and the new shape of their business, looking at areas such as

  • Which jobs will be better done by technology? For example, most of the work done by trainee and junior accountants and lawyers is routine paperwork and better automated – many of these jobs will disappear

  • Where do you go for expertise to automate your business and how can you ensure it will deliver?

  • Which managers will lead the re-shaping of your business – and are they ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’?

  • If the majority of junior jobs disappear, how will that affect the shape and structure of your business; developing skills for senior positions; the profitability of the business?

  • Where will technology bring economies of scale – and where are you better to carry out tasks locally?

  • What is the financial impact of significant job losses combined with heavy investment in new business models?

  • 3D printers are now a reality – how is this affecting design, manufacture, proto-typing, sampling, spare part stocks?

2. Merryck

Pat is one of Merryck’s elite team where uniquely all their mentors are former chief executives, mentoring chief executives.

Merryck has a proven process to help C-level leaders realise their full career potential.

Pat particularly brings to her Merryck mentoring

  • Experience of rapid organisational change, needed for both growth and M&A

  • Ability to help leaders deal with the challenges they face when confronted with change

  • International experience for companies dealing with the strategic challenges of growth and integration in a multi-national environment