Who is saying what on intelligent automation?

July 10, 2015re Reading Time: 5 minutes

Businesses can do great things by seizing on the opportunities presented by intelligent automation, but also have to understand how this new sector is evolving so they can effectively plan for the future. It’s a topic that is becoming increasingly debated at the highest levels of industry and in this blog, I share some of these discussions.

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June 19, 2015re Reading Time: 5 minutes

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What is Intelligent Automation?

June 12, 2015re Reading Time: 4 minutes

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June 5, 2015re Reading Time: 4 minutes

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May 18, 2015re Reading Time: 4 minutes

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So what if I can’t read a map?

May 12, 2015re Reading Time: 3 minutes

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The end of voting as we know it?

May 5, 2015re Reading Time: 3 minutes

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