Robots at work before gender equality

March 11, 2016re Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last week I spoke at Accenture’s International Woman’s Day conference. It was a great event, with a bunch of really... View Article

What is innovation? How to innovate for transformational change

March 4, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

Innovation is today’s buzzword. Every CEO claims that his company is at the forefront of innovation – at least every... View Article

Managing your exit and looking for a new job

February 25, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

Lately I’ve been working with a number of senior people who are looking for a new challenge. Some of them... View Article

How do you know if your job is safe? Will you be in the next Jarrow March?

February 19, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

I spend a lot of my time talking about the future to groups large and small. One of the common... View Article

Who will own your self-driving car?

February 10, 2016re Reading Time: 3 minutes

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the end of car ownership. Dan Neil argues that... View Article

When will a robot be your boss?

February 4, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

If your image of robots is that of C3PO and R2D2 bumbling around in Star Wars, think again. An algorithm... View Article

The human face of robotics

January 28, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’ve wondered in the last few weeks, as storms have swept across the UK, why we are now giving names... View Article

Davos 2016 – who will manage the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

January 18, 2016re Reading Time: 3 minutes

This week the great and the good will gather in Davos to discuss ‘Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – what... View Article

Making a success of a major reorganisation

January 13, 2016re Reading Time: 3 minutes

Technologies and markets are now moving so fast that few organisations escape the need to reorganise. Reorganisation is rarely easy... View Article

Business technology predictions for 2016 – and what you should be doing about them

January 6, 2016re Reading Time: 4 minutes

Predictions of the future have to be taken with a large pinch of salt – especially when considering the impact... View Article