Pat Chapman-Pincher has a long history of working at the highest levels of some of the world’s biggest technology companies and today works with a range of FTSE 100 businesses helping leadership teams to plan for the future and manage the risks posed by technology today.

In the podcast below, Pat is interviewed by the chief executive of Northern Lights, Victoria Tomlinson, and shares her thoughts on whether the boards of some of the world’s leading businesses have begun to understand the risks and opportunities presented by technology.

Pat suggests most boards are underestimating the impact of the technological advances happening now and argues that by embracing and understanding these changes, they can seize a significant competitive advantage.

Looking at the potential for driverless cars, robots on the board and digital coinage, Pat talks about how boards need to consider the impact of technology on every part of the business.

One key example is the technological loophole which has allowed Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson to directly compete with the BBC thanks to an outdated contract.

To listen to the podcast, click on the link below.