Pat Chapman-Pincher has spent her career leading and working in technology companies.

She now uses this expertise to help chief executives and leadership teams interpret global technology trends and create strategies to exploit and grow profitable, international businesses.

She does this through running strategy workshops for management teams; helping create strategies; supporting board and management development and public speaking.

Pat has a portfolio of chairman and non-executive director roles.

In a world that is increasingly volatile and uncertain, the areas where Pat can particularly help with strategic thinking and strategies are:

  • How to build a sustainable organisation
  • Create and manage a global team
  • Plan for the impact of new technologies
  • Understand and plan for the changes in work and development

Time and again Pat has been able to see the impact of new technologies. She shocked the BT board nearly 30 years ago by predicting that within five years a million people in the UK would carry mobile phones.

In the early 90s she also understood that the internet would change the world – and then helped create and run companies that did so.

Now she believes that as technology advances, so do the opportunities and jobs in many areas of employment. Jobs that have seemed secure will disappear in huge numbers and companies need to have strategies to deal with this if they are not to become victims of technological change.

Pat is a lively and thought-provoking speaker on topics around the future and globalisation – and the impact for management teams. She is keen to share her vision and practical experiences with a wide audience.